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In a world filled with noise, where do you begin on For The Learn?

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There a lot of content out there. So many good books, podcasts, articles, and documentaries to learn from. But there's also a lot worth skipping. I've developed a very particular set of filtering skills; skills that make me unafraid to find the fascinating stuff buried in the piles of mediocre content so that you don't have waste your time reading, listening to, or watching garbage.

I would really hate to contribute to the noise that makes up our digital lives, so by following me and reading this newsletter, we're agreeing on some things.

Our Agreement

Our time is valuable. I won't waste yours. No gimmicks, no B.S.[1]

You'll skip the stuff you don't find interesting. This publication is for a wide audience and you might not find something interesting in every issue. That's ok. Experience the Joy Of Missing Out™!

Some publications will be shorter than others. I may not come across or finish a lot of For-The-Learn-worthy content for a particular topic. If you're not interested in a current issue, or it's a little sparse, go ask a friend for their content recommendations.[2]

If you find something particularly interesting, you'll share it (preferably by forwarding or linking to my publication ?).

Ready To Start Learning?

If you've just signed up for the email version of this publication, sit tight until the next one, or browse the Issue archive in the meantime. I'm looking forward to sharing some interesting stuff with you: For The Learn!

  1. You know how when you search for a recipe online and the blogger provides their life story first before showing the recipe? Yeah, I hate that, too. I provide concise content (and awful aliteration). The fat is trimmed. The sticky goop on the jackfruit has been--never mind. ↩︎

  2. Friends are good content filters. ↩︎

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